About John McMillan

Finalist in the 2019 and 2020 International Acoustic Music Awards (IAMA)

"Listening to John play live is like watching someone paint with sound. Broad strokes of light, airy pastels that make you lean back and contemplate the space, defined by darker, urgent, quicksilver accents that make you lean in to pay attention to detail.

That he should weave his imagery into the music he writes seems inevitable, as John is also an accomplished painter and photographer. John achieves such tonal variety in his work, due in part to his use of a variety of instruments, including Harp, Tenor and Baritone guitars, as well as the (Spanish) Laud.

John is comfortable ripping into a face-melting blues solo or blazing on his vintage lap steel, but he is at his essential best when painting the lush soundscapes that one hears on his works, Stillwater, Imagery and Craftwork."

Jeet Das



John's first published recording, Stillwater, featuring "Myriada".


"Imagery" is so named not only after John's deep passion for the visual arts, but also on his belief in the varied Imagery that music leaves with each listener. Virtuoso guitarist and friend, David Barrett, is special guest in "No Boundary".


"Craftwork" features hand-crafted instruments by John's favourite luthiers. His skilful acoustic guitar playing is presented in lush recordings produced by David Barrett and recorded and engineered by the legendary Terry Brown.


"Papillon" expands into new territories, thanks to added elements by guest performers Emily Steinwall (saxophone / flute), Erika Nielsen (cello), David Barrett (dobro) and Jerry Marotta (percussion) and the masterful engineering and mixing of Russ Mackay at Blue Sound and Music.